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uPVC Joinery


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What are the Advantages of uPVC Joinery?

Healthier, more comfortable homes for Kiwis

Our German uPVC joinery combined with quality double glazing gives you confidence that the windows and doors in your home will have the best performance available on the New Zealand market. uPVC is often slightly more expensive than aluminium. However, the energy savings will pay for your investment and be sustainable. 


This page summarises the main advantages of using uPVC joinery in your home, whether you’re building from new or retrofitting.


Our uPVC window and door frames combined with double glazing keep your home warmer and save you money on energy costs.

Single glazed windows are the most significant source of heat loss in a New Zealand home. Cold dwellings are not healthy for Kiwis, and the power bills can be steep as well. 


Our baseline window installation combining uPVC joinery and double glazing has an R value* of 0.41, and is many times better at reducing heat loss in your home than an aluminium or thermally cracked aluminium frame fitted with the same glass. This is because uPVC joinery is more thermally efficient – no heat or cold can travel through the internal air chamber within the uPVC frame. Aluminium, on the other hand, acts as a “thermal bridge” – a conductor that allows the cold in and the heat to escape more easily from your home.


To help improve the comfort and energy efficiency of New Zealand homes, changes to thermal window and door performance requirements have been published in the NZ Building Code. From November 2023, a new home built in New Zealand must have windows and doors with an R value of more than 0.46. Our uPVC double glazed window systems fitted with low-E glass and argon gas fill between the panes provide R values of 0.5 and higher. 


At the upper end, our systems can provide thermal benefits that meet Passive House standards. 


* R value measures how much heat is prevented from escaping through your window or door system. The higher the value, the more effective the system is.


Our uPVC joinery and glass contribute to a dry, mould free and healthy home.

When it’s colder outside than inside, ordinary windows and doors will cause condensation to form on the inside surface of the glass and the window frame, leading to mould and air quality issues.

This is bad for people’s health, irreparably damages the house’s internal components, and decreases its market value. 


Our windows, made from high quality German uPVC profile, include an effective drainage system that allows water to escape. Combined with our insulated double or triple-glazed units, condensation can be eliminated. 


Our uPVC systems with double glazing keep that noise outside where it belongs.

Are you tired of loud noises from outside stopping you and your children sleeping at night? 


Double glazing is a powerful barrier against noise, and it works best with uPVC profile. Our uPVC double glazed windows can quieten that noise by 80% compared to single glazing – a reduction in the transmission of sound by up to 35 dB. 


Triple-glazed windows are great for reducing noise even further if your home is beside a busy road or near a flight path.


Imagine all the noise from the busy road and those loud neighbours gone. Turn your home into a comfortable and quiet place where you can enjoy life.


Our uPVC windows and doors enhance home security and peace of mind.

Home security provides a great benefit – peace of mind. To feel safe at home is very important for everyone, especially families. That’s why we put multi-point locking systems in all of our windows and doors. 


With this locking system, every door and window in your house will have multiple locks holding them in place, securing the sashes from each side, making every window and door much more secure.

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