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uPVC Windows

High performance double glazing

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Our double glazed uPVC windows are weather resistant, and suited to New Zealand’s unique climatic conditions.

They have a 50% higher insulation performance than standard aluminium double glazing, and cut heat loss through your glass to only 10%, helping to improve the energy efficiency of your home. 


Our uPVC windows cut down on power bills, maintain your interior comfort, minimise condensation that can challenge your health, and reduce noise coming from outside.


They are all built with multi-points locks to maximise your security and give you peace of mind. uPVC window frames don’t rot, warp or swell, making them a money-saving, maintenance-free option. They also add style, sophistication, and sustainable value to any home. 

These features contribute to an excellent return on investment – your double glazed uPVC windows will look good and last a lifetime.

Our expert team will ensure installation is fast, high quality, and hassle-free.

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Stage by stage installation progression

Our range of uPVC windows


Installation into existing timber joinery frames

This is achieved by removing the opening parts of the window (sashes) along with the fixed panes and installing fusion welded uPVC frames with uPVC sashes.


As uPVC has been designed to duplicate the original look of timber joinery, the finished product is consistent with the character of New Zealand villas and bungalows.


The result is a window fully replaced with a complete double glazed uPVC unit, which exponentially reduces heat loss and improves soundproofing. (Thermal loss and poor soundproofing in timber joinery are a direct result of warped timbers, non sealing openings and single glazing.) 


The install also has cost saving benefits associated with minimal disruption to existing finishes.

Custom Options

From materials to joinery colours and finishes, glass selection, and hardware, the choice is yours. Our custom made windows will fit perfectly into your home, making for painless installation.

Contact our professional team to discuss your door preferences and get a free quote. >

Joinery Colours

Our joinery is available in a variety of colours.

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Glass Selection
Double or triple glazing.
We manufacture our own insulated glass units (IGUs) with double or triple glazing, configured depending on requirements. Our standard IGU is fitted with 12.7mm Warm Edge® Super Spacer® and two panes of 4mm clear float. 
Argon gas fill.
Used to reduce heat loss in sealed units by reducing convection inside the air space. A major benefit of IGU with argon is that it is passive, and is a relatively inexpensive option that quickly produces heat savings which justify its cost.
Low E glass.
The E stands for emissivity. Allows visible light to pass while blocking certain amounts of UV light and IR light. Low E glass works by reflecting heat back to its source with an ultra thin metallic coating on or in the glass.
Glass can be tinted, toughened, reflective, obscure, etc.
Window Hardware

Our hardware for your windows is well designed, aesthetically pleasing and durable for constant daily use. We offer keyless or key lock handles, stainless steel hinges, multi-point locking systems, deadbolts, and security stays.

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