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In-line Sliding Doors and Stackers

Wind Zone: Medium
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Sliding doors are extremely popular for their convenience. Because they slide together, these doors never take up space around them. Also, the design of the sashes creates a wide opening, letting plenty of light through into the room.


The modern locking mechanism ensures smooth operation. As a result, you can easily operate sliders with one hand. Framing can be recessed to maximise indoor – outdoor flow.


Standard Features:

  • Fitted with double glazing (4/12,7/4)

  • Fitted with Warm Edge® Super Spacer®

  • Fitted with clear glass

  • Fitted with internal zinc dipped steel reinforcement

  • Fitted with liner (pre-primed, H3 treated pine)

  • Fitted with multi-point locking system

  • Fitted with slider door hardware

  • Fitted with keyless handles

  • Min. size: 1.6m wide x 1.9m high

  • Max. size: 5.0m wide x 3.0m high

Additional Options:

  • Low-E glass

  • Argon

  • Lamination options

  • Glass options (tinted, toughened, reflective, obscure, etc.)

  • Liner options (rimu or other up to 290mm)

  • Deadbolts

  • Key lock handles

  • Insect net

Smart Sliders
Wind Zone: Very high

Smart sliders are an outstanding innovation from our German uPVC supplier Alupast.

They have a rubber compression sealed sliding system and a sophisticated mechanism with concealed hardware that allows the sash to shift off the gasket horizontally to slide, providing superior weathertightness, insulation, and noise dampening.

Smart sliders are a superior option for new builds and renovations, especially in very high wind zones.

Joinery Colours
Our joinery is available in a variety of colours.

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