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Casement/Side-Hung Windows

Wind Zone: Very High
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Casement windows, also known as “side hung”, are similar to awning windows, except that the casement window opens sideways rather than vertically. Like the awning version, casements are a simple and convenient window with great performance. Now we supply them with double glazing, double insulation, multi-point locking system and other top-performance features uPVC is well-known for.


Casement windows leave just as much free space on the inside as awning windows. Their design also uses a slim profile which allows for a wider opening and lets more light inside. With pivot point hinges, the casement window can be opened up to 90° for ventilation and cleaning. For your convenience we offer an option to install security stays that restrict the opening gap and prevent the wind from shutting the sash, and which also protect children.

Standard Features:

  • Fitted with double glazing (4/12,7/4)

  • Fitted with Warm Edge® Super Spacer®

  • Fitted with clear glass

  • Fitted with internal zinc dipped steel reinforcement

  • Fitted with liner (pre-primed, H3 treated pine)

  • Fitted with multi-point locking system

  • Fitted with casement hardware

  • Fitted with stainless steel hinges

  • Fitted with keyless handles

  • Min. size: 0.4m wide x 0.5m high

  • Max. size: 0.8m wide x 1.5m high

Additional Options:

  • Triple glazing (4/6/4/6/4)

  • Low-E glass

  • Argon

  • Lamination options

  • Glass options (tinted, toughened, reflective, obscure, etc.)

  • Liner options (rimu or other up to 290mm)

  • Deadbolts

  • Key lock handles

  • Security/restrictor stay

Joinery Colours

Our joinery is available in a variety of colours.

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